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Annual Sales Event 2012 PT Blue Gas Indonesia

April 26th, 2013

On 2-4 April 2013, PT Blue Gas Indonesia conducted the Annual Sales Event (ASE) 2012 which was held at Hotel Ciputra – Jakarta.

This event was organized as an appreciation to all Sales Promotion blue gaz and Vienta for an outstanding performance in 2012.

ASE theme 2012 theme “Sailing” with PT Blue Gas Indonesia. Sailing with PT Blue Gas Indonesia towards prosperity continent.

Philosophy of this theme:

1. Destination

- On every cruise there’s always a point to be addressed.

- Clarity of purpose will continue to keep a clear direction.

2. Courage (Mentality)

- Need more courage to face the ocean and sea climate.

- Courage will lead the first step and further to achieve the goal.

3. Ability (Skill)

- Have knowledge about yacht, the characters wind, waves, weather, and navigation.

- Has the ship handling skills, adjust screen, and weather estimate and read star.

- Knowledge and Skills, will keep regular and correct way of achieving the goal.

4. Leadership

- It takes good leadership to direct and operate the yacht.

- Leadership is needed to lead yourself and others.

5. Cooperation (Teamwork)

- It takes a partnership to expand the screen, adjust the screen to the wind, and ordered the ship.

- Facilitate collaboration and accelerate the achievement of goals.

6. Tenacity (Resilient)

- When you sail the ocean, it takes a high level of tenacity to defend the ship against the wind, waves and storms.

- Tenacity drives to think positive and find solutions in order to reach the goal.

Opening of Annual Sales Event 2012 PT Blue Gas Indonesia.

On the first day, ceremony of appreciation to those who excel during the year of 2012, namely:

Annual Achiever Sales Promoter blue gaz

Annual Achiever Sales Promotor Vienta

Annual Achiever Team Manager blue gaz

Gold Class Sales Promotor blue gaz

Gold Class Sales Promotor Vienta

Gold Class Team Manager blue gaz

Gold Class Team Manager Vienta

Gold Class Group Team Manager blue gaz

Platinum Class Sales Promotor blue gaz

Platinum Class Sales Promotor Vienta

Platinum Class Team Manager Vienta

Platinum Class Group Team Manager Vienta

Resumed in the morning with a seminar by Mr. Ippho Santosa as the author of the book 7 Wonders of fortune that gave the points to increase your fortune.

And on the second day, PT Blue Gas Indonesia presents Sales Promotion Uniform using the new design is Batik.

Dominance batik blue dedicated team blue gaz.

Dominance batik orange dedicated team Vienta.

Batik is known by the people of Indonesia as a lasting work of art and high art, and has a long history since ancient times.

Batik also reflects a Ductile-to-late; Persistent-to-late; Discipline’s all expected the whole team Sales Promoter PT Blue Gas Indonesia have all this reflection.

It also has an elegant design batik and cause high confidence when the uniform is used.

And the last is Indonesian batik has received recognition from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

After the launch of the new uniforms blue gaz and Vienta followed by giving awards to:

Pearl Class Promoters Vienta

Pearl Class Team Manager blue gaz

Pearl Class Group Team Manager Vienta

Ruby Class Team Manager blue gaz

Ruby Class Team Manager Vienta

Emerald Class Team Manager Vienta

Top Achiever Sales Promotor blue gaz

Top Achiever Sales Promotor Vienta

Top Achiever Team Manager blue gaz

Top Achiever Team Manager Vienta

Top Achiever Group Team Manager VIENTA

The entire Top Achiever blue gaz and Vienta 2012.

Special appreciation from PT Blue Gas Indonesia a Free Umroh to Mr Firmansyah with his wife for his achievements since the year 2008 to 2012.

The entire Management and Staff of PT Blue Gas Indonesia say Congratulation and thank you to the Sales Promotion – Team Manager – Group Team Manager who has contributed very well and won a brilliant achievement for the year 2012.

Earn achievements in the year 2013 as a sailboat that sailed the ocean to a continent of prosperity.

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